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+1 (386) 383.9560

Tribu Freefly, LLC
Skydive Deland, 1600 Flightline Blvd.
Deland, FL. 32724.




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Tribu Freefly And Wingsuit School provides an efficient way to enhance your flying skills and awareness in a safe environment. We offer a progressive freefly and wingsuit programs with clear goals for novice to expert flyers. All Tribu instructors are highly experienced and fully committed to the safe progression of the sport.

1 on 1.

The only real shortcut to progression. Includes briefing, skydive with instructor, canopy flight and landing guidance, video, and debrief.

• Single jump: $40
• 10 jumps pack: $35 c/u = $350
• 25 jumps pack: $32 c/u = $800
• 50+ jumps pack: $30 c/u = $1500


Do as many jumps in a day with your team mates or friends with a TRIBU Instructor. Includes organized skydives, videos, debriefing and dedicated instruction.

Daily rates:
• Groups of 2: $200
• Groups of 3+: $85 per person

• Premium 1on 1 Rate of $28
• 30% discount on group daily rates.
• 30% discount on all Tribu event registrations.
valid for 365 days $200

• Includes up to 200 coach jumps,
just pay slots.
• 30% discount on all Tribu event registrations during 1 year.
valid for 90 days $2,950

• Includes up to 300 coach jumps,
just pay slots.
• 100% discount on all Tribu event registrations.
valid for 365 days $4,500

NOTE: All rates include coaching and instruction only. The instructor and skydiver’s tickets to altitude must be purchased separately from Skydive Deland.

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Luis Lopez-Mendez

Luis brings a contagious vibe that makes every flight a positive experience and enjoys organizing challenging group skydives. He is a committed AFF and freefly instructor who dedicates all his energy into a progressive and safe training process.

Carlos Pedro Briceño

Through freeflying and wingsuit proximity, Charlie feeds from the powerful mixture of nature and flight. He is one of the few expedition guides in remote areas such as Angel Falls. His unique experience as a flyer make him a great freefly, wingsuit, and B.A.S.E instructor.

Tribu Instructors



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Photo by
Norman Kent Productions

Photo by
Norman Kent Productions