Photo by
Luis Lopez-Mendez. Flyers: Alejandro Ramos and Paul Ferriman



+1 (786) 448.1938

Tribu Freefly, LLC
Skydive Deland, 1600 Flightline Blvd.
Deland, FL. 32724.




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Tribu Freefly School provides an efficient way to enhance your flying skills and awareness in a safe environment. We offer a progressive freefly program with clear goals for novice and expert flyers. All Tribu instructors are highly experienced and fully committed to the safe progression of the sport.

1 on 1.

The only real shortcut to freefly. Includes briefing, skydive with instructor, canopy flight and landing guidance, video, and debrief.

• Single jump: $40
• 10 jumps pack: $35 c/u = $350
• 25 jumps pack: $32 c/u = $800
• 50+ jumps pack: $30 c/u = $1500


Do as many jumps in a day with your team mates or friends with a TRIBU Instructor. Includes organized skydives, videos, debriefing and dedicated instruction.

Daily rates:
• Groups of 2: $200
• Groups of 3+: $85 per person

• Premium 1on 1 Rate of $28
• 30% discount on group daily rates.
• 30% discount on all Tribu event registrations.
valid for 365 days $200

• Includes up to 200 coach jumps,
just pay slots.
• 30% discount on all Tribu event registrations during 1 year.
valid for 90 days $2,950

• Includes up to 300 coach jumps,
just pay slots.
• 100% discount on all Tribu event registrations.
valid for 365 days $4,500

NOTE: All rates include coaching and instruction only. The instructor and skydiver’s tickets to altitude must be purchased separately from Skydive Deland.

Tunnel Training* 1 hour = $200 --- 30 min = $120
* Tunnel time must be purchased separately.

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Alejandro Ramos

Alejandro has been a dedicated freefly instructor for over 12 years. During this time he has done thousands of coach jumps, making him a key player for other schools like AriA, Babylon, and The First School of Modern Skyflying. He likes flying fast and smooth, inspiring many with his style.

Luis Lopez-Mendez (Overseas)

Luis brings a contagious vibe that makes every flight a positive experience and enjoys organizing challenging group skydives. He is a committed AFF and freefly instructor who dedicates all his energy into a progressive and safe training process.



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Photo by
Luis Lopez-Mendez. Flyers: Alejandro Ramos, Paul Ferriman, Claudio Cagnasso, and Carlos Briceño

Photo by
Luis Lopez-Mendez. Flyers (Left to right): Richard Scheurich, Paul Ferriman, Alejandro Ramos, Claudio Cagnasso, Carlos Briceño